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Are you thinking about relocating to Birmingham Alabama?

Frequently called “The Magic City” because it seemed to appear out of nowhere in the 1800s and grow into a thriving metropolitan area, Birmingham is a fantastic place to build a life.

Over the years, Birmingham has attracted visitors and relocators alike, thanks to the delightful restaurant scene, friendly people, and exceptional quality of life. Of course, if you’re thinking of relocating to Birmingham Alabama, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about the area first.

Here are our top tips for successfully moving to the Magic City.

1.     Get to Know your Neighbors


One of the best things about living in Birmingham, Alabama, is how friendly the people are. If you’re looking for a city where you can feel comfortable talking to your neighbors, then this is the place for you. Birmingham locals will speak to you when you’re in your garden or ask you about your week in the grocery store.


Sparking up a conversation with these friendly people will help you to learn more about the area, and it could also assist you in choosing the right neighborhood for you and your family, too.

2.     Know the Weather Before Relocating to Birmingham Alabama


No matter where you’re relocating to Birmingham from, it’s worth knowing a few details about the climate. For instance, for most of the year, the weather throughout Alabama is stunning, with temperatures ranging between 30 and 90 degrees depending on the season. With such high temperatures to enjoy, you may find that you place more importance on finding a home with a nice garden, or a pool to cool off by.


When speaking to realtors about your options, make sure that you visualize how you want to spend your free time in your Birmingham home.

3.     There’s Plenty to Do!


Even if the perfect home you find with your real estate agent doesn’t have a pool or garden, that doesn’t mean you’ll be lost for things to do. Birmingham has a delightful coast nearby where you can relax with the family and take in the sea air.


Alternatively, many locals in the Birmingham area enjoy playing a round or two of golf when the weather allows for it. Birmingham is home to a number of wonderful award winning golf courses, there are 36 courses in total, the oldest of which dates all the way back to 1903!

4.     The Housing Market is Excellent


When you’re relocating to Birmingham, make sure that you spend some time working out your budget and deciding how much you can reasonably afford to spend. Birmingham is currently one of the most affordable cities in the US. However, that doesn’t mean that you should jump into a purchase without thinking.


Make sure that you have your home assessed carefully before you make an offer. Check for things like a roof that might need replacing, or problems with plumbing. This will help to ensure that you get a house with the best future potential.

5.     Plan Your Move!


Finally, remember to make relocating to Birmingham easier by making sure that you plan your move carefully in advance. Figure out which roads your movers will have to take to get to your new home, reserve the driveway outside of your building, and hire a reliable local moving company from Birmingham, AL. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to a happy home in no time!