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There’s no place like home, so why not make home the most beautiful and cozy place it can be? Let’s dive into some techniques that can help you showcase the best features of every room in your house. Just a touch of color, texture, and personality can transform your home into something new. Beautify your home with these quick tips:



Sticking with a neutral scheme can never go wrong, but if you’re feeling like your room is a little drab, don’t be afraid to go with a bold color. You can do an accent wall that compliments the current color scheme or use your furniture or accent pieces to bring a touch of color. Color doesn’t have to mean clutter. You can keep the rest of the room simple. Add the dramatic touch with a just a few elements.



Bringing in some mirrors can add light and visually expand your space. Using mirrors in staging is known to bounce the light around the room. Add a few accent mirrors, preferably right across the room from a window, to brighten up your space and keep it from feeling too small.



Although furniture may be out of your budget, there is so much you can do with a room by getting creative with accessories. Get some unique decorative pieces and let your room tell a story through your specific choices.  Hop down to your closest antique store and grab some pieces that are bold. You can also head into Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx, where they have beautiful and unique decorative pieces that are incredibly affordable.



Nothing gives a space life as much as real plants. Add some greenery to your rooms.  Try different leaf sizes and textures of green plants that are easy to keep alive. Check with your garden center for the best selections to add a unique touch to the room. You will find that a space looks “finished” when you add a beautiful tree to the corner of a room.



Natural light is a huge factor in how a room looks and feels. Don’t block your windows with heavy drapes or place large pieces of furniture in front of them. Decorate your room in a way that compliments the windows and brings the natural light in.



There are many ways to beautify your home with texture. Use fur throws or pillows. Try patterns in your fabrics. Don’t be afraid to add unique textures throughout the home. It gives your eyes something to land on when gazing around the room. You can even add a touch of metallic accents. Don’t over-do it, because too much can become overwhelming. Just try a few textures that compliment each other, and put them in clever places around the room.



A tip you’ll hear often is that nothing brings the best out in a room as much as a good decluttering. If you have a hard time walking around your room, or keep misplacing things, it may be time to get a few boxes and start cleaning.

Try some of these tips to beautify your home for a fresh look this year!

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