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The best listing agents in Birmingham Alabama know some very important things that will affect the success or failure of your home sale. To be successful selling listings in a changing real estate market, what great listing agents don’t do can be just as important as what they do for their clients. A look at the local multiple listing service can provide a great deal of insight into what can be done to sell homes that have been lingering on the market. Three things every listing agent knows are:

The Best Listing Agents in Birmingham Alabama Never “Buy” a Listing

Have you ever wondered why certain listings remain on the market, passed from agent to agent?

It is not uncommon to have a potential seller say that they need to list a property at a certain price, not at all supported by the current market. The dirty little secret is that some agents may not really be interested in selling a home very quickly. Why? By holding it in inventory, they can use the house to fish for buyers at open houses and from yard signs.  They will also look like a busy listing agent.

Few homeowners can resist the line, “I can sell your home for $50,000 more if you list with me today!” While this is a temporary win for the agent, it can be a big losing situation for the homeowner.

The first few days a home is on the market is the prime time to get the best offer. Once the excitement and newness has worn off, buyers will likely move on. The longer it sits, the more questions buyers will have about why it is unsold.  An over-priced home will likely expire. Remember, it is strictly a numbers game for the inventory style agent. No matter what, the agent will have gotten the publicity and marketing value out of the house, but the home will have become stale on the real estate market.

The measure of success is not how many listings an agent holds in inventory, but the percentage of homes that they actually sell.

The best of the best listing agents will never tell you what you want to hear about price, but will always tell you what you need to hear.

Get an agent that is motivated to sell your home quickly, and will price it right at the outset.

The Best Listing Agents Don’t Price Homes Off Internet Websites

Take pretty much any listing currently on the internet and research the pricing on,, or CoreLogic. Then check what the home sales price is. The pricing will not be consistent, and the home will often sell for a price nowhere near what the websites say.

All real estate is local. The best listing agents know that homes cannot be accurately judged from a website automated valuation. So many things can make a home price go up or down compared to others in a neighborhood. Finishes, accurate square footage, and condition, can mean big differences in what a home is worth. An experienced listing agent knows how to use appraisal guidelines to come up with a more precise listing price.

Professional pricing will help a seller succeed.

Marketing Matters at Every Price Point

Great listing agents don’t lower the presentation level of listings based on price point.

A check of the internet will show listed property pictures that are in sideways, out of focus, or poorly composed. If the listing looks terrible online, the chances of a sale drop dramatically. It’s your home, and there should be a certain level of expectation to make it look the best that it can for potential buyers. Often, that might mean giving advice on how to prepare for a photographer with staging tips, repairs, and more.

Use a listing agent who will provide great marketing for your home!

If having the best listing agents in Birmingham Alabama is important to you, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Hire a motivated Realtor who wants to get your home sold quickly.
  2. Get professional pricing.
  3. Expect great marketing.

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