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If you want to get the best listing photos for your home, you need to prepare your house before the photographer is scheduled.

Professional photographers are hired to highlight the most appealing aspects of a home, but they can only photograph what is there. They do not move things around, stage rooms, or remove trash. It is up to the homeowner to make certain that all has been done to make a good impression on potential buyers.

To get the best listing photos for your home:

  • Clean everything! This includes carpets, windows, ceiling fans, blinds, walls, baseboards, kitchen appliances, and all that will be seen in pictures.
  • Once the home is sparkling clean, go outside, and step back inside as if you were a buyer. What do you see? Is it appealing? Are all of the light bulbs working?
  • Address deferred maintenance.

Curb Appeal is important to get the best listing photos for your home.

  • Remove cars from the driveway, and park away from the house
  • Hide all trash cans, recycling containers and any debris
  • Mow the lawn, then remove all lawn equipment from sight
  • Put away all children’s toys
  • Open patio umbrellas

Before the Photographer arrives, make sure to:

  • Turn on every light in your home
  • Put the blinds or shutters all the way down and adjust them to a 45 degree up position to avoid light from hitting the floor
  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • Make sure everything that doesn’t belong on the floor is put away
  • Hide mail, keys, magazines, books, remotes

In the Kitchen:

  • Hide the sponges and dish towels
  • Remove all items from the sink and clean sink
  • Remove all appliances and kitchen utensils from the counter tops
  • Hide the trash can
  • Take down everything from the outside of the refrigerator – this includes magnets, pictures and other decorations
  • Hide kitchen rugs

In the Bedrooms:

  • Remove everything except lighting from tables and nightstands, including alarm clocks, books, and reading glasses
  • Make the beds and arrange the pillows nicely
  • Make sure nothing can be seen under the bed from all angles in the room
  • Hide any trash cans, diaper genies and toys

In the Living and Dining Areas:

  • Put away the remote controls, books and magazines
  • Remove everything from the tables and any open shelving – exceptions include lamps and decorative items
  • Make sure pillows are arranged nicely

In the Bathrooms:

  • Remove everything from the bathroom counters – exceptions include decorative items
  • Make sure towels are hung straight
  • Remove towels from shower stalls or pegs
  • Remove trash cans
  • Put the toilet seats down, remove any plungers or cleaning brushes
  • Remove all shampoos, soaps, razors from the shower
  • Remove bath rugs off floor
  • Make sure to clean mirrors and shower glass surround

Pet Items:

  • Crate or remove any pets before the photographer arrives
  • Remove all visible litter boxes, crates, pet bowls and any evidence of pets

With these items completed, the photographer should be able to get the best listing photos for your home.