Tips On How To Get Into The Business of Commercial Real Estate Development

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If getting into commercial real estate development has always been your dream, then you may wonder how difficult of a career path this is to pursue. Speaking of commercial real estate, here are some helpful tips to help you reach your goal of becoming a commercial real estate developer quicker.    Check out Shannon Holmes’ website for expert realtor advice …


Essential Tips for Renting Your Property

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If you have an investment property or intend to buy one soon and are planning to rent it out, keep your renter in mind. Making repairs and design choices for your potential renters and not just to your own tastes can open up your market and help you start earning substantial income.  Repairs  The first thing to consider is the …


A Senior’s Guide to Independent Living and How to Afford It

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Independent living communities are specifically designed to cater to the needs of Seniors who do not require extensive medical assistance. Accommodations in these communities can vary from apartments to single-family detached homes. Additionally, the complex can include amenities such as parks and recreation centers, providing seniors with plenty of ways to remain active and social.     Even with all these …

Functional Designs for a Multigenerational Home in Alabama

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As a result of the 2020 pandemic, multigenerational living is becoming popular again. Families are bringing older relatives into their homes so that they can ensure their loved ones are properly cared for. Adult children are staying with their parents so they can save money while they’re going to school or trying to save for a house.  It’s not uncommon …


Preparing for a Move When You’re Also Starting a Business

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Are you longing to get your dream business off the ground, but your current living space will not accommodate the needs of your business and family? It might be time to start searching for a new home that will allow you to live and work comfortably. It could be an arduous task, but if you spend some time preparing for …


See Real-Time Buyer Demand for Your Home

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Wonder what the real-time buyer demand is for your current Birmingham, Alabama home? Our website features a home valuation report that is miles ahead of the competition. Known as Percy, this technology is found right on the home page.  Just put your home address into the bar of the “What’s My Home Worth Today?” section. Instantly, you get a …


Top 3 New Luxury Listings Birmingham Alabama

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My top 3 new luxury listings picks to hit the Birmingham, Alabama real estate market are located in three very sought-after places: Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, and Shoal Creek in Shelby County. The choices this week include homes of three distinctly different architectural types, so there is surely something for everyone. Let’s take them one by one and see exactly …


A Senior’s Approach to House Flipping Profitability

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Flipping homes is a great way to enhance investment profits. Many people get into the market in an effort to create immediate portfolio momentum. But there are a number of things that you have to get right as as you approach the flipping marketplace. Seniors in Hoover, AL are finding great positive mobility in their financial futures with the help of …



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If you don’t want to give up your dream of living in your preferred school district of Mountain Brook or Vestavia Hills, Alabama, consider an ARM loan to keep payments manageable. Last week, mortgage applications spiked by 5% over the previous week due to a minor increase in inventory and a fear of interest rates going higher. Having met with Anoop …


Should You Renovate Your Vestavia Hills Home Before You Sell?

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Getting ready to sell your home certainly involves a lot of factors; – searching for the perfect place to move, coordinating logistics with the moving van and helpers, and packing up all of your stuff in organized boxes. So, you may not love the idea of adding another big project to your plate, such as whether you should renovate your Vestavia …