Choosing Patio & Outdoor Area Lighting


Illuminating the outside of your home is a design project that homeowners are turning to more often. In fact, the outdoor lighting market is projected to grow by over $644 million between now and 2026. Landscape lighting for exteriors can transform the looks of a home, adding tons of personality.


Why invest in outdoor lighting?


Lighting the outside of your home can increase security and make your family feel more comfortable in your home environment. A worthy setup would remove all shadows and leave no areas surrounding your home in the dark.


Secondly, outdoor lighting can deliver a nice accent piece to your home’s design. Use it to highlight the most impressive architectural features of your home, or opt for a minimalist design which delivers just enough light to safely navigate your entryways.


Different types of outdoor lighting



  • Spotlights. You’ve probably guessed it – these are strong beams of light that tend to intensely illuminate certain areas around your home. This might not be the coziest option for a patio setting in your yard, but it can certainly have a striking effect when used around your home’s exterior. These are a great choice for showing off particular features that you love, and making a statement with your choice of outdoor lighting.




  • Floodlights. These are a little less intense than spotlights, and they cover more ground too. Use floodlights to create a sense of security by illuminating areas which are normally totally dark at night. They make a great option for patios and driveways. exterior-porch-lighting




  • Lanterns. These are decorative lights that make a brilliant choice for a backyard. Available in many different designs from contemporary to rustic, they provide enough light to enjoy a meal al fresco without being too harsh.




  • Light posts. Also a great option for your patio, you can mount a light post wherever you would like some more light. You can choose to attach a floodlight to your light post for maximum light, or pick something less strong for a more understated feel. These are also a great choice for lining your driveway, since they mimic street lights.




  • Outdoor chandeliers. If you want a luxury look, consider adding an outdoor chandelier to your patio area. These instantly give your space a focal point, but it also serves to deliver a comfortable amount of light at night.


Written in partnership with Werever outdoor kitchen cabinets.