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Whether or not drone photography can help sell your luxury home is a topic I am beginning to hear more often on listing appointments. Today’s home buyers understand their buying options better than ever before. They are able to research prices, browse listings, and investigate other important factors before making the first call to a real estate agent. For this reason, professional photography and video can make the difference between your home getting a second look, or getting skipped.

So just how can professionally-shot aerial photos and videos help you get your home sold more quickly?

Drone Photography Can Help Sell Your Luxury Home Because Buyers Love Having a Birds-Eye View

The odds are increasing that buyers will look for aerial photography to help them make their buying decisions. Just as professional ground-level photos and videos of a home can help buyers decide whether they are interested in viewing a home, aerial shots are something buyers like when evaluating the grounds of luxury properties.

People enjoy looking at aerial content because it gives them a new perspective. That helps them feel good about their choice to pursue a property.

Drone Photography Can Help Sell Your Luxury Home Because Quality Material Makes Your Property Look Great

Professionals create quality products. They have the skills, tools, and professional eye to make your property and its best features look amazing. Quality marketing materials can even shorten sale time and raise the final list price, too.

Aerial footage is especially effective when topography, land features, and amenities are best displayed from above. Professional aerial shots can really enhance the overall impression of your property.

Professionals Are Certified

The use of unmanned aerial systems – what we commonly call “drones” – is becoming more frequent in the production of commercial photos and videos. There can be issues if a drone is in the wrong hands. Use a certified professional.

Current Federal Aviation Administration regulation requires that UAS equipment be certified and operated by a certificated pilot when used for commercial purposes. This means that you can’t just buy a drone and take pictures to sell your house. You can’t pay your real estate agent to take them either, unless they also meet the FAA regulations. Hiring a certified operator can save you fines or even legal trouble down the road.

When you’re ready to take marketing your home to the next level, contact a reputable real estate agency to get started.

Professionally shot aerial photos and videos can really make the difference for a prospective buyer when they make the list of “must-see” listings. Drone photography can help sell your luxury home in an ever changing real estate market.

Aerial photograph courtesy of Roger Owens RKO Photography

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