Fencing For A Luxury Home


Got your eye on a lovely new home? Maybe you consider it a ‘luxury’ home, but you can’t quite put your finger on why that is. Alternatively, you might be wondering how to increase the market value of your home and help it be perceived as a luxury home. In these situations, the answer might be fencing!


Aesthetically-pleasing fencing can be a great way to make a home feel more luxurious and help it to stand out from the crowd. In fact, fences have been shown to increase the value of homes for a variety of reasons:

  • Fences add privacy to your property. Depending on the materials used, you might be able to totally block the view of passersby.
  • Fences help establish the boundary of your property. A fence adds to the security of your home by physically enforcing a boundary line that potential troublemakers will think twice before crossing. 
  • Fencing adds shelter to your property. Having a fence can also protect your home from harsh weather conditions like strong wind and rain. 
  • Fencing keeps animals out. As well as providing a safe space for your own animals to roam, fencing does the job of keeping unwanted wildlife such as alligators or bears out of your backyard. 


Which materials can be used in fencing for luxury homes?


There are a number of materials which can be used to make fencing for a luxury home. One of the most popular choices is often vinyl fencing, which can be styled for either a modern look or a traditional look. Vinyl fencing provides privacy and security while being easy to maintain and boasting an attractive finish.


Another great fencing option is wrought iron. This is a strong choice for protecting a luxury home, since the material is difficult to break down and offers plenty of security.


Does your luxury home have an outdoor swimming pool? If so, it is law in most places to provide fencing around the pool. Checking with your local inspector can help you find out your regulation requirements. You’ll need around 5 feet of space between the edge of the pool and the base of the fencing. However, you are free to choose a material that suits your home.


Plexiglass fencing is a great choice for pool fencing, since it gives your home an ultra-modern vibe and ensures the pool is visible to any passersby – something that can increase the appeal of your home. However, it is susceptible to scratching and can be tough to keep clean.


Metal pool fencing is a cheaper and very frequently-used option,  but does not provide the same security as glass fencing. It is also prone to rusting.

Written by Jack Vale