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This article provides a step-by-step guide to a low-stress move if you receive a job offer in another city. 


You interviewed for a job in another city, and you’ve got good news – you’re hired! But before you start at your new job, you have to take on a long-distance move. With help from the Shannon Holmes Team, house hunting will be a breeze! Plus, these tips lay out everything you’ll need to check off of your to-do list in order to move. 


Pick a Neighborhood 


If you’re thinking about buying a home, you need to start by choosing a family-friendly neighborhood near your company’s office. A real estate agent can offer their local expertise! Money Crashers recommends looking for areas with reasonable home prices, public transit options, and a sense of real community. 


Search for Rentals 


What if you’d prefer to rent for a while in your new city before buying? You can use a rental search platform to look up apartments and homes before you arrive. Maybe you’re interested in moving to Hoover, AL, or you want to look up Denver apartments – regardless of your desired location, a rental search platform will be an invaluable tool!  


First, you should work out your general price range based on average local rents. For example, a typical 2-bedroom apartment in Denver will cost you about $2,531 per month. Next, you can enter how many bedrooms and bathrooms your family will need, as well as any other specific features you want. You can view 3D tours with some listings, which will help you determine if a specific rental fits your needs. 


Prepare for Pitfalls When You Move for Your Career


Rushing into a move can be very stressful. Instead, provide your new employer with a realistic start date that gives you some wiggle room in your timeline. You should also pick up cardboard boxes and other moving supplies so that you have no shortage of storage options. Finally, make sure that everyone in your household has a role in the process – even your young children can help pack up their own toys! 


Pack Up Your Home 


If you’re looking around each room in your home and wondering how you’re going to pack it up in time, take a deep breath – breaking the whole process down into manageable tasks is key! PODS recommends creating an “inventory” list with categories of your most important belongings so that you don’t forget anything. You should also label your moving boxes on each side so that you can always tell what’s in an individual box without having to open or lift it. 


Invest in Professional Help When You Move for Your Career


Are you thinking about packing up and moving without any help? It’s a tempting way to save money, but you’ll definitely pay in terms of your time, energy, and stress levels. Instead, invest in hiring movers. Their services are well worth the cost. Ask your loved ones if they know of any moving companies that they would recommend. 


By hiring movers, you’ll reduce your own time commitments during the moving process – and if you choose a moving company that helps you unpack, you can make more time for self-care in your new home! From going out to eat at delicious local restaurants to exploring parks in your neighborhood with your family, it’s time to learn your way around your new area. 


Moving for a job can benefit your career trajectory. You never know which opportunities are waiting for you in a new city! By embracing your chance to settle down somewhere new, you can create a better future for your family. 


Are you relocating for a new job? The Shannon Holmes Team can help you find the home of your dreams when you move for your career. Call today at 205-706-3975 to get started. 


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