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Luxury ranch renovations are popping up everywhere these days. After years of McMansions with tremendous square footage, and new construction homes on tiny lots, consumers have begun to realize that there is a lot to be said for the ranch house. Many home buyers are purchasing them, and spending in excess of $100,000 on renovations, to make them into dream homes.

Across America, this style of home reached the height of its popularity from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. With ease of one level living and sprawling lots, the love affair with the ranch style home is back in a big way. Perhaps due to the renovation shows on television these days, buyers are seeing the potential in luxury ranch renovations.

Luxury Ranch Renovations Are A Note-Worthy Trend

Home prices have begun increasing, and many have become dissatisfied with their homes during COVID lockdown, so usable square footage that feels big and lives big is something that many home buyers want. Ranch homes are usually easy to open up to a more contemporary living concept, and ceilings can often be raised due to the one level roof. The possibility of adding a room is usually a simpler thing, because the lots are often quite large, with plenty of space for expansion. Even adding a second story can be possible, to get those extra bedrooms.

Luxury Ranch Renovations Can Pay Off In A Big Way

There are many ranch homes that have never been updated, and are perfect for a major overhaul. Often found close to desirable schools, shopping, and other amenities, these homes can be elevated to dream home status with a good plan in place. Updating kitchens and bathrooms, opening walls, and adding a little character for curb appeal, can make a huge difference. When purchased correctly, these “diamonds in the rough” can become real gems, and provide positive equity, and a lower overall spend for the same features in new construction.

Luxury Ranch Renovations Can Adapt To Many Looks

Whether you prefer Mediterranean, Traditional, Craftsman, or Contemporary architecture, renovating a ranch home to the look you love, is possible. Here are just a few examples of Vestavia Hills, Alabama homes that are taking ranch style to the next level in design:

luxury ranch renovations french half turret over door image

French Style Luxury Ranch Renovation


luxury home renovations mediterrannean image

Mediterranean Luxury Ranch Renovation


Luxury Ranch Renovations red brick image

Traditional Luxury Ranch Renovation


luxury ranch renovations craftsman cottage image

Craftsman Cottage Luxury Ranch Renovation

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