When relocating to a new home, there are numerous things to coordinate. From packing to setting up utility services in your name, the process is often complex and full of moving parts. One consideration that many people forget to make until much later in the process is how to help their pets have a safe and happy move. Don’t postpone creating a plan to help your fur baby through this major life change. Whether you have a cat or a dog, review these tips for moving with your pet.


Move Everything In Prior to Bringing Your Pet to Your New Home


Trying to move items in while your pet is at your new house is not only a massive challenge, but it also poses a big safety risk.


First, your pet will almost certainly experience stress from being left unattended in an unfamiliar space. Change can cause emotional distress for animals, which can lead to physical symptoms such as drooling, excessive licking, or even vomiting. Depending on their temperament, they may even exhibit bad behavior, including barking or growling. Additionally, when moving your belongings into the new home, you will have to leave the door open for an extended period of time. Without realizing it, your pet can escape and become lost.


Prevent any of these problems by moving all boxes, furniture, and the like in before bringing your pet to your new residence. To make your life even easier, hire professional movers to get the job done quicker — and with no effort on your part.


Reduce Your Pet’s Stress Levels


One of the best ways to prevent your dog or cat from escaping during moving day, and to prevent separation anxiety, is to hire a pet sitter. Hiring an experienced and reliable pet sitter will give you the freedom to come and go as needed, and will keep them happy and entertained. As you explore pet sitters in your area, review profiles in detail to ensure that you select someone who matches your exact dates, times, and needs. If anxiety stresses your pet’s digestive system, make sure you take some quality food along to settle his stomach.


What to Do When Moving With Your Pet to a New State


Moving with your pet out of state, but don’t have tons of money to spend on pet moving arrangements? This is completely okay! Although it won’t be as easy as moving locally, there are other effective ways to ensure that your pet has a positive moving experience.


When enroute, always make sure that your pet is properly secured. For dogs, the best choice is a pet harness and pet seat belt. For cats, choose a sturdy carrying case that you can line with a blanket for comfort. Whatever you do, do not allow your pet to move about the vehicle. This not only causes a safety issue for them, but it can also be dangerous for you.


Upon arrival, check with any friends or family in the area to see if they will take in your dog or cat for a few days while you settle in. If you do not have anyone that you know living in the area, explore local pet sitting options through apps like Rover.


Inspect Your New Home Right Away for Any Safety Hazards


After you’ve moved everything into your home, complete an inspection of each room and the outdoor area for any potential safety hazards. This can include things such as exposed nails, space to escape under your fence, loose electrical cords, or anything else that can cause harm to your pet. Be sure to fix any issues you find prior to moving your dog or cat into your house.


Advanced preparation is key when looking to have a smooth, stress-free move with your pet. By caring for their emotional and physical needs, and looking out for their safety, you should encounter no troubles during this important life change.


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