See Real-Time Buyer Demand for Your Home


Wonder what the real-time buyer demand is for your current Birmingham, Alabama home? Our website features a home valuation report that is miles ahead of the competition. Known as Percy, this technology is found right on the home page.  Just put your home address into the bar of the “What’s My Home Worth Today?” section. Instantly, you get a detailed report with so much more than Zillow or the other generic websites ever offer.

Of course, working for the top Birmingham, Alabama real estate company, RealtySouth, the Shannon Holmes Team has the latest technology to provide to our Sellers. Essentially, our team offers real-time data to Home Sellers that shows what buyer demand is for a house like theirs. This is a different type of service that provides home valuation solutions and insights in a whole new way.

Allowing the Shannon Holmes Team at RealtySouth to dominate home selling technology in a fresh new way, gives visitors to our website a comfort level and trust that the individual consumer controls. Much like checking your bank account or stocks online, the Home Seller can check the hyper local market for their home, and get the information they need. Then, if further assistance is needed, one of our agents is only a click away.

In addition, the Shannon Holmes Team can input Buyer information to see if any of our active listings match what the purchaser is looking for in the real estate market. This could include “Coming Soon” listings or pocket listings.

Clearly, providing this detailed, but user-friendly report gives our clients an edge in the Birmingham, Alabama marketplace.

Real-Time Buyer Demand For Your Home And So Much More

What the consumer will get:

  • 3 distinct home valuations
  • the ability to adjust the value up or down based on home condition
  • a 360 degree view of the property
  • Artificial intelligence that perfectly matches in real-time buyer data of consumers actively working with our agents.

So, the right listings are put in front of the right buyer agents for our brokerage, including “coming soon” properties and even quietly listed “exclusive listings”.

Are you ready to try it out now for FREE with no obligation? Check it out here.

Whatever your real estate needs, The Shannon Holmes Team implements this new technology to help our clients get the maximum information instantly, and then decide what timeline feels right to them. Never forget, we are only a click or call away. (205) 706-3975