Realtor Social Media Matters to Sellers image

Realtor social media matters to sellers. Why? Because sellers want to get their home sold as fast as possible.

Today we are a society that spends a tremendous amount of time online. We make purchases. We network with business associates and visit with friends. We get our news, weather, sports, and more in the virtual world. With people on multiple electronic devices every day, don’t you think Realtor social media accounts might be important?

Some accounts to investigate would be:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Agent Website
  • Pinterest

There should be icons for these accounts displayed on the agent website for you to easily click and see the latest feed.

You are ready to make that all important decision of trusting someone with one of your most valuable assets. What should you look for from your Realtor’s social media presence?

Realtor Social Media Should Be A Priority

Making no effort online will mean that your property will not be anything more than a listing in the Multiple Listing Service. It will never be found at the top of searches, or be the “featured listing” to thousands of potential customers. If your Realtor can’t make your home stand out from the crowd, move on.

Realtor Social Media Should Present a Great Reputation

A Realtor should keep it professional, even on their regular Facebook page. While it is fine to have an opinion, it is best to leave the insults and bad language to others. A Realtor should always be their best self online. Realtors should let others know what they are passionate about and causes they support. They should engage with their friends in a genuine way.  Facebook friends are a great source for clients.

Realtor Social Media Should Be Everywhere It Matters

Your Realtor’s Social Media campaign is the best way to give a Seller’s property maximum exposure.

  • Your Realtor should have a website that actually ranks for important key phrases related to your property.
  • Your Realtor should be running ads on FaceBook and Instagram to appeal to potential home buyers and sellers. This is an extremely powerful tool, when used correctly.
  • They should have a Facebook Business Fanpage where they can daily engage with potential clients, showcase properties, and demonstrate their knowledge of the market.
  • They should be a force on Twitter in your area, with targeted followers and tweets with large photos to engage readers.
  • There should be custom YouTube videos of properties that are getting many views.
  • Your Realtor should be networking and providing content on LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • The power of Instagram and Pinterest should also be leveraged.
  • Your Realtor should be networking and sharing your property to other Realtors who may have a client moving to your area.

Realtor social media is important because an online campaign to sell your property across multiple platforms gives your home the best chance to be sold.