Sell Your Home Quickly With These 4 Quick Fixes

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It happens: a sudden change in your financial situation, a job promotion that will take you to another state or even another part of the world, or that house you’ve always wanted is up for sale, and you want to be the first to make an offer. No matter what the situation is, there might come a time when you will need to sell your current home quickly. If that happens, you’ll want to get the house in the best-looking shape possible with these four quick fixes.


  1. Find a Good Realtor

While this first step doesn’t exactly involve fixing anything, it is very important,  because a good Realtor can tell you precisely what you need to do to prepare your house for a quick sale. According to the experts on the Forbes Real Estate Council, a good Realtor will work to understand your reasons for a quick sale and have your best interests at heart. In addition, a good Realtor can help you determine a competitive price for your home, and, if possible, help you figure out which time of year would be the ideal time to sell, both of which can assist in getting your house sold quickly. To ensure that the sale of your home goes smoothly, reach out to the local expert in your area.


  1. Tend to the Outside

Your house needs to have curb appeal to get potential buyers interested as they drive by, or find your house online. Be sure to keep the lawn mowed and trimmed, and prune and trim all bushes during the spring and summer months. During the fall, keep the yard raked. No matter the time of year, clean all windows, paint the shutters if you have them, and clean and unclog your gutters. Rent or invest in a pressure washer to clean the exterior as well. Keep in mind that potential buyers will also visit your backyard, so clear out any overgrown foliage and pick up after your pets. To really make your exterior shine, consider working with a landscape designer who can devise a plan that meets your needs.


  1. Declutter and Deep Clean Inside

While you might be comfortable with the lived-in look of your home, potential buyers won’t be, so remove the clutter on all floors, including the basement, and in your closets. The biggest turn-offs to buyers are dirty kitchens and bathrooms. A great tip is to store personal items in a basket that can be quickly stashed into a cabinet before showings. Also, dust and clean thoroughly. Deep clean your carpet and rugs to remove any accumulated dirt and odors. Many buyers have allergies to pet dander, so regular vacuuming and dusting is important.  Nothing proclaims that you have a pet more than the odor from the cat’s litter box or the dog’s bed. Be sure to keep both of those clean while your house is up for sale. However, don’t use overpowering fragrances to deodorize, because that can be a problem for buyers with sensitivity to strong scents.


  1. Stage Each Room

If you’ve ever shopped for an apartment, you’ll remember how the bigger complexes always had a “model” unit. Furniture and accessories were perfectly placed to show what yours might look like after you moved in. That is known as staging,” which means each room should show off its intended purpose. Today, many home shoppers are looking for a place like that. According to The New York Times,  buyers are searching for a home that conveys a sense of style without looking too phony. That doesn’t mean you have to invest in new furniture and framed artwork. Just reorganize and reposition what you have, and remove any furniture that makes a room seem cramped. Once every room is staged, have a professional photographer do a photo shoot, and post those pictures online with the listing.  Beautiful photos of your staged rooms will definitely attract the attention of potential buyers looking for a place like yours. Remember, to sell your home quickly, it is all about the visuals!


No matter what your reason is for needing to sell your home quickly, be sure to implement these four things. Impress potential buyers by making a few small repairs to the exterior, deep cleaning,  staging the interior, and getting professional advice to guide you through the whole process. That is the recipe for success to sell your home quickly.