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To boost resale value when selling your home in 2016, renovations may be necessary. However, some renovations can prove costly and they don’t always add value to your home. Here are three inexpensive renovations that are sure to improve the resale value of your home.

First Impressions Matter If You Want To Boost Resale Value

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Colorful landscaping can boost home resale

Your home needs to have curb appeal. If the potential buyer doesn’t see that, it will be difficult to get the price you want. Spend money and time landscaping your yard. Pressure wash your driveway. Paint your front door. Make your porch look welcoming. If you do all of this yourself or with the help of family and friends, the costs will be reasonable.

After a prospective buyer is impressed by your nicely kept lawn, you will want to continue impressing him/her with your interior design. Buyers know what they want when it comes to the number of bedrooms and baths. You have something they want or they wouldn’t be looking at your home. Now, you need to keep their attention.

Freshening Up the Interior Can Boost Resale Value

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Stay neutral with pops of color in small doses

Each room needs to be freshly painted in a neutral color. Old wallpaper and borders should be stripped and walls repainted. Make each room look larger by clearing any clutter. If adding bright color, do it in small doses, such as with pillows. If possible, remove any unnecessary furniture and store it somewhere else.

Have any carpets professionally cleaned, and be sure to polish any hardwood flooring. In the bedrooms, de-clutter your closets. Your kitchen and bathrooms should be sparkling. Your home should smell as clean as it looks. Clean and organize counters and cabinets. Again, most of these suggestions cost little but add great value to your home.

Upgrades to Finishes Can Boost Resale Value

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Add box beams, new lighting, and hardware

When you think of upgrades, you may automatically assume you will have major costs with little return. However, many upgrades may be within your budget. Consider making some of these affordable upgrades to your home:

Living Areas/Family Rooms – If you’re going for a more elegant touch, add some crown molding. For a more rustic feel, add box beams. Get rid of popcorn ceilings. Improving the ceilings of main rooms will add value to your home.

Hardware and Fixtures – Painting and changing the hardware on your cabinet doors can change the look of a room dramatically. Add new fixtures such as lighting and doorknobs for a more updated look.

With some of these relatively inexpensive renovations, you can boost resale value when selling your home in 2016.