Today’s home buyers want more than just three beds and two baths. They’re looking for homes that make life comfortable and convenient, and not just because of location. Innovative home technology has become an in-demand feature. Here are a few things tech-centric buyers might like to see if you’re ready to sell. 


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Smart Appliances Appeal to Tech-Centric Buyers 


Smart appliances are the newest addition to the tech revolution’s line-up of convenience products. More than that, internet-connected washers, dryers, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners can save money over time in many ways. A smart fridge, for example, can be accessed from the grocery store if you aren’t sure if you’re missing an important item you need for dinner. HGTV explains that communication between appliances is another major benefit. Smart appliances can further monitor energy consumption. This is important, since millennials, which are the most prevalent homebuyers these days, rate climate change the most pressing issue facing their generation.  


It should be noted that these appliances still require electricity, and it’s best to work with a professional electrician when adding tech-centered home improvements. Ask your installer about discounts for doing more than one job at once.  


Smart Security Is a Favorite of  Tech-Centric Buyers


Home security remains a viable selling point. Buyers are more apt to purchase a home that comes with internet-connected security over a similarly priced house without it. A home security system might include a video doorbell, cloud-based video recording, and motion-detecting lights and alarms. Smart security cameras offer both the safety and convenience for buyers who expect their homes — and the technology within it — to do more to enhance their lives.  


Smart home security innovations are not just novel. Crime deterrence, remote monitoring, and lower home insurance rates are among the many reasons people might seek a connected dwelling.  


Smart Controls for Tech-Centric Home Buyers


Appliances and security features aren’t the only areas where a home can be connected. Smart controls, which may be built into devices or added after the fact via smart plugs, are an easy way to customize a home. WiFi-enabled lights, heating systems, and thermostats are in demand, and, thankfully, inexpensive. If you plan to stay in your home for some time before selling, these items can enhance your quality of living and give you an idea of features you’d like in your next home.  


What Else Do Buyers Want? 


Smart home products aside, there are still plenty of traditional features buyers like to see. These include an updated kitchen and bath, an open floor plan, and dedicated office space, since many younger buyers work from home. Any additions that lessen the maintenance on the property will also be welcomed. Your listing matters, too, and you should ensure your pictures are clear and that there are plenty of them. A clean house with lots of storage space and few, if any, cosmetic issues will often top buyers’ lists.  


Before you sell, talk with Shannon Holmes about what’s hot locally. What sells a home in New York City might won’t necessarily be the same here in Birmingham. She will have experience in the area and in your price range, and as a listing specialist, can make suggestions to help you sell quickly for top dollar. 

 Image via Pixabay