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A treehouse is a childhood delight not to be missed.  Besides the fact that treehouses provide kids with hours of entertainment, they can also confer other benefits that are hard to quantify.

Some advantages of owning a treehouse are:

  • It can improve property values by boosting curb appeal.
  • There is a handy alternative to the proverbial “doghouse”, when needed.
  • It provides a great place to send your most irritating relative, when in for the holidays.
  • It provides an educational opportunity to discuss literature and films about treehouse dwelling characters, such as Tarzan, the Ewoks, and the Swiss Family Robinson.
  • It is a building project that can be a teachable moment for creativity, hard work, and sweat equity.
  • You will be a hero to the kiddos.

When building any type of structure like this, there are some things to keep in mind.  If you are ready to start one of these great Spring DIY projects, here are some considerations. Strap on your tool belt, and start planning!

Location, Location, Location

Before you head off to Home Depot and get all the necessary supplies, you need to spend some serious time storyboarding the build process. Pick a tree with low, sprawling branches such as an oak or a maple. Furthermore, consider issues like wind, shade and privacy before you start to nail up supports.

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Choose Your Materials Wisely

A treehouse built with subpar materials will fall short in the longevity department and disappoint the kids. Pick out stout oak 4×4 posts for the structural elements and top them off with pressure-treated pine for the floors and railings. Use quality plywood for the interior walls and seal it to avoid rot.

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Make Multi-Use Your Mantra

Treehouses that are simply shacks suspended above ground will quickly bore youngsters no matter how well-built they may be. Incorporate elements such as swings, rope ladders,  and even zip-lines, to get more from your treehouse. As long as you’re putting in the effort, check out this treehouse built by doting grandparents in Dallas, that has all of the bells and whistles.

treehouse Dallas

credit: Sarah Greenman/Houzz

Bake Safety Into the Recipe

You don’t want the kids to get hurt when they’re frolicking among the branches. Make sure to bolt handles and permanent rails into the truck so that adolescents are less likely to slip and fall. If you want to go all out, add a few safety nets around the edges.

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Heed Aesthetics When Designing a Treehouse

An unadorned treehouse quickly turns into an eyesore over time as it’s battered by the elements. Shingle the roof and paint the exterior walls so that they match your home. Kids will naturally gravitate towards a treehouse that looks appealing and your neighbors won’t complain about a shoddy structure in your weeping willow.

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It’s More Than a Treehouse

While many young kids will no doubt love a full-featured treehouse, it’s usually the improvement in home value that will appeal to adults. Are you ready for this DIY challenge? Hammers up!

If you’re interested in learning more about homes in your area that would support your desire to build a treehouse, call your trusted real estate agent today.