Updating Older Wooden Cabinets


When it comes to making upgrades in your kitchen, giving a facelift to your older wooden cabinets may seem like a daunting task. 


However, there are some simple ways to approach making upgrades to your older wooden cabinets that don’t involve replacing them altogether, which we’ll cover below. 

Refinish or Restore Older Wooden Cabinets

To begin, one of the simpler ways to upgrade older wooden cabinets is to use products to restore or refinish them. This can help cut through any grime or restore any scratches that have been made to the wood and make them appear sparkly and new.

Search for products like waxes or other refinishing solutions at the store, and you can spend the afternoon applying these products and giving some new life to your older cabinets. 


Feel free to continue using these products on a regular basis to keep the wood from drying out and looking aged. 

Paint Them

This project will be a little more in-depth and time-consuming than the previous option for upgrading older wooden cabinets. However, the end result is often worth the hard work!

If you’re tired of the wooden cabinet look, but don’t want to replace the cabinets completely, giving them a fresh paint job can be a great option. 


Painting wooden cabinets in a white or light gray color can brighten up the kitchen space and give the area a more modern feel, or, you may want to opt for a more vibrant color to make a statement.


 Either way, make sure you sand the cabinets to remove any old finishes, prime them, and apply multiple coats of the paint for a sturdy and durable finish that will last. 

Update the Hardware

Another great way to refresh the look of your older wooden cabinets is to install new hardware and replace the older door knobs.

Or, if your cabinets don’t have hardware installed, adding knobs can give the cabinets a whole new look altogether. Plus, this is fairly easy and affordable–and doesn’t require the use of any power tools.

Search for hardware that will complement the rest of the fixtures in your kitchen, like the faucet and appliances, and select the proper finish accordingly. If you’re also going to paint the wooden cabinets, make sure your new hardware will look great with the new color as well.

There are many ways to give your existing cabinets a facelift, with some of these options taking no longer than a few hours! So as you can see, upgrading your older wooden cabinets doesn’t mean you have to undertake the costly route of installing new cabinets altogether. 

Written by Bailey Schramm