Personal growth is the process of setting goals and making consistent efforts to achieve them. This can involve improving your health, moving ahead in your career, building stronger relationships, or any other milestone you set for yourself. An important aspect to understand regarding personal growth is that it’s a perpetual process. The only variable is the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into making yourself better. 


The success stories of famous entrepreneurs, sportspersons, actors, and academics are testament to the fact that hard work is key for achieving goals. However, to avoid stress and burnout, it’s important to incorporate self-care into your efforts as well. 


If you’re looking to start your journey towards personal growth, here are a few notable goals to undertake: 


Going Back to School: Whether you are a young adult or well into your working years, adding an MBA to your resume can help open numerous professional opportunities. While experience is a great teacher, pursuing an MBA will allow you to learn various important skills regarding time management, leadership, critical thinking, and communication. These will help you grow in both professional and personal spheres of life. 


Making a Career Change: If you feel stagnated in your current role, reaching out to new challenges will be a boon for your mental health. While you will incur various challenges in the process of securing and settling into a new role, this experience will make you stronger and improve your ability to handle stress. 


Buying a Home: There are a select few responsibilities that are as big as buying a home. Becoming a homeowner will include improving your financial acumen, developing long-term goals, undertaking commitments, and being a responsible adult. 


In order to reach these goals, you will need to set achievable milestones for the short and long term. However, don’t forget to incorporate these self-care activities in your routine as well: 


Pursue Hobbies 


After a long day of working hard, it’s important to spend time on activities that help you wind down. This can include painting, reading books, playing an instrument, exercising, cooking, or any hobby of your choice. Hobbies will help you disassociate from stress and recharge your mental batteries. 


Get Adequate Sleep 


As reported by the CDC, adults require at least 7 hours of sleep per night. The best way to develop a healthy sleep pattern is to sleep and wake up at the same time daily. If you struggle to fall asleep easily, refrain from using electronic gadgets an hour before bedtime, and avoid eating heavy meals at night. Additionally, start exercising, as physical excursion will lead to your body needing sleep to recover. 


Find a Mentor 


Having a trusted individual by your side who can guide you and address concerns will help to achieve your goals faster. A mentor can be a family member, colleague, boss, or any individual you look up to. Plan regular meetings with your mentor to discuss your progress, find areas of improvement and gain advice on personal and professional changes you plan to make. 


Develop Strong Friendships for Personal Growth


As reported by Epic Health, having a strong social group helps keep stress at bay, improve immune function and increase self-confidence. Regardless of your schedule, take the time to interact with your friends on a daily basis, whether that be through texts, calls, or meeting in person. 


Keep Track of Your Personal Growth Progress 


While setting challenging goals is important, focusing on the end result often becomes a source of stress rather than motivation. This is because, in the present, the end can seem to be far off or impossible to achieve. However, consistently tracking your progress serves as a reminder of the positive strides you’ve made since you started, serving as a source of motivation and confidence. It’s best to track your progress either in a journal or its digital equivalent, as it’ll serve as a great reminder each time you feel stressed. 


The key to being successful in your self-growth journey is to be consistent, surround yourself with the right people, and prioritize your goals above anything else.  


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